Smoking and Cholestrol

High blood pressure and even higher cholesterol levels. I exercise regularly, am not overweight…But, a lover of eating whatever takes my fancy and a twenty plus a day smoking habit that started 32 years ago. Action time.

Everyday health dot com give me the facts hard and fast ……….I’m racing down the heart attack highway!

The combination of smoking and having high cholesterol dramatically increases your risk of heart attack, but quitting smoking protects your heart health………..The risk is already significant for smokers who don’t have high cholesterol, and it increases significantly if they have a high lipid [cholesterol and triglycerides] profile, they smoke, are male, or have diabetes,” says Dr. Damle. “When you combine these factors, the risk increases exponentially.”

I think I prefer the somewhat more sanitised version provided by the NHS

And the British Heart Foundation site has prompted me to the possibility of quitting for the first time in ever!


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